Thursday, February 19, 2015

Janaury 2015 Awards & Recognition Party

Charles, Robin & Marian from Zorbitz & Randy
Amanda from The Good Bead, Cynthia, Sabin and Cindy from Elegant Baby
Dan from Mr. Christmas, Nancy from Mary Meyer, Cherie from Oak Patch & Virginia
from Bamboo Trading

Dora from Westland, Bonnie Glushon, Don from Spoontiques, Linda from
Westland & Stacy from Vandor

Grace from Punch Studio, Linda from Alexa's Angels, Gale & Susan

Justine, Michael from Paladone and Cindy from Lady Jayne

Maricela, Megan & April

Patrick Bonnie Glushon & Kim celebrating Kim's 30 year Anniversary

Patrick, Sabin, Rhoda and Mary

Tim from Peking, Suette from Design Design, Bonnie Barth & Ciarra from Deco
Patrick and Toni celebrating Toni's award for Rookie of the year!